Search 1x1

Underwater &
Into The Unknown.

Real archaeological expeditions powered by Web3.


Dig deep, dive down, and travel time - Search 1x1 is pioneering the next age of discovery.

Archaeology for everyone.

Our bold new community of NFT archaeologist explorers will virtually join real archaeologists on scientific expeditions and digs.

The groundbreaking Search 1x1 team is backed by the professional archaeologists at SEARCH, Inc. Recently, SEARCH, Inc. helped discover Ernest Shackleton's famed lost ship Endurance, relocated the WWII battleship USS Nevada, identified the last American slave ship Clotilda, and recovered remnants of the Spanish shipwreck that inspired the hit film The Goonies. SEARCH, Inc. is regularly featured on National Geographic, Disney Plus, Netflix, Science Channel, Discovery, and more.

"If you want to be a good archaeologist,

you gotta get out of the library."

- Dr. Henry Walton Jones, Jr.

Three unique membership options to explore.


Search 1x1 archaeological expeditions (ARX) are prepped
and ready to deploy.


Together we can dig deep and make discoveries.

ARK Mission-based utility
01. ARX
Expedition-based utility

Receive a limited edition NFT medallion commemorating each ARX mission you participate in.

Expedition Brief

Learn about the history behind the ARX and previous research related to the expedition, and follow the countdown timer.

Expedition Tracker

Follow the crew's progress in real-time as the action unfolds.

Field Report

A report delivered during ARX detailing the journey and any discoveries.


Access to photos, videos, scans, and illustrations documenting our efforts in the field.

The Scoop

Get news of major discoveries before the press or public, and be first to see the story unfold.

Base Camp Community-based utility
02. Base Camp
Community-based utility
Parallel ARX

Separate, digital quests themed around current ARX missions. NFT holders will receive timely clues to puzzle-based hunts through ARX mission control. They will require deep thinking and a bit of research, but the rewards will be worth the effort.

1x1 Discord

Access to a members-only community of like-minded explorers where you can discuss missions, level-up, and earn new NFT badges through participation.


Develop your mind and gain skills via virtual and IRL speaker series, access the latest archaeological news, and find volunteering opportunities.


Present your own theories, recommend new ARX missions, interpret findings, and have your observations shared in the ARX report.


Upload your art inspired by anything ARX or archaeology, get featured, and win prizes!

Gear Up

Mind your screens closely–stay tuned…

Field School Experience-based utility
03. Field School
Experience-based utility
Field School

Mind your screens closely–stay tuned…


Mind your screens closely–stay tuned…


Mind your screens closely–stay tuned…

04. Debrief Room
Access-based utility
Lost & Found DEPT

Meet the team behind the next evolution of exploration.

James Pochurek


Founder & Firestarter
Twitter linkLinkedin link

Michael Arbuthnot



Aquanaut & Argonaut
Twitter linkLinkedin link

James Delgado



Sea Hunter & Storyteller
Twitter linkLinkedin link

Anne V. Stokes



Research Director
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Ryan Collins



Communications Manager
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Matthew Piscitelli



Community Manager
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Katryn Mitchell



Expedition Engineer
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Fredrick Veitch



Fine Printer & Business Manager
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Questions, anyone?

Wen mint? What supply?

The mint date will be in early May and the supply will be 6353. A precise date and pricing details will be released in the weeks leading up to the May mint.

What is the roadmap?

While we certainly have plans to change the world, we won’t be releasing a traditional roadmap. We believe that staying dynamic and listening to the community will allow Search 1x1 to grow organically, and we also understand that history-making discoveries are unpredictable.

What is the utility?

Holders will gain virtual access to Search 1x1 expeditions (called ARX), access exclusive content, receive opportunities to earn incredible rewards, and participate in private project partnerships. Together we will build the first exploration community in web3.

What is the Mission Roster?

Being on the Mission Roster means you’ll be able to mint in advance of the general public. You can get your name added to the Mission Roster spot by being active and participating in events. Partnerships and collaborations with other communities will also offer opportunities to win a spot on the Mission Roster.

DeSci how?

Archaeology should be accessible to everyone. Search 1x1 will revolutionize DeSci by creating a decentralized research infrastructure to share, review, credit, curate, and disseminate archaeological knowledge. We strive to make the process of scientific research transparent, innovative, and engaging so that the archaeology of tomorrow can flourish.

I understand the SEARCH part, but why 1x1?

1x1 honors:

  1. Archaeology: A 1x1-meter excavation pit is the basic unit of discovery in archaeology.
  2. Web3: Blockchains are the basis of Web3 and consist of data linked 1x1 in blocks.
  3. Our Search Method: We mount archaeological expeditions 1x1, one after the other.
How many ARX per year?

It’s tough to say. Exploration occurs in ways big and small. We strive to always be exploring.

Do you sell artifacts? Are you monetizing cultural resources?

No! We are archaeologists and scientists. Period. We work to find, record, preserve, and educate. This project allows us to engage a broader audience. Above all, we do not sell or make money off cultural resources or artifacts.

Where does an artifact go? "It belongs in a museum!
There's a cool site on my uncle’s farm. Can I dig it up now?

Patience, intrepid explorer! Archaeologists conduct fieldwork by a strict legal and ethical code to protect cultural resources. To conduct ethical and professional excavations, archaeologists must obtain the appropriate permits from federal, state, and tribal authorities.

What do you do with the artifacts?

Archaeologists treat artifacts like detectives treat crime scenes. Bit by bit, we clean artifacts, piece them together and subject them to various scientific analyses to reveal the stories hidden by time. When archaeologists are finished analyzing, artifacts are preserved and curated for future studies inside approved facilities. Unless returned to descendent communities, artifacts belong in museums.